Originally trained in his middle school’s marching band on the cornet, Chris then attended the Ann Arbor School of Performing Arts in the Jazz performance group. He fell in love with guitar and began playing daily. Chris writes, arranges and performs all of his music. He wants to take the blues to the younger generation and keep it alive for veteran fans. His dream is for everyone to love the blues as much as he does.

Chris Canas


The very foundation of the band. Derek is the newest addition to the Chris Canas Band . He brings an expertise and passion for  Blues, Latin, Jazz, Rock, Funk, Soul, and Motown that can only be found in a musician that grew up loving music. He is truly a magnificent addition to our musical family and an integral part of our diversified style. He is also the inventor of DC's LED's.

DC Washington


The pulse of the band. Marc has an extensive background in music, as well as a remarkable repertoire of rhythms up his sleeve. He slings them whenever he can and is truly a remarkable musician and a key part of the dynamics for the Chris Canas Band. 

Marc Anthony